Meet the Founder

Melanin Botanical

Welcome, beau!

I’m Ashley, the founder of Melanin Botanical. A native New Yorker, corporate maven, avid volunteer, entrepreneur, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, wife- and mom-to-be.

Like so many things in life, Melanin Botanical is a pivot. A constant exploration of who I am and how I want to show up and contribute on my progressive journey. 

I pivoted from Uniquely Crwned, my first business to focus on increasing access to and affordability of all-natural hair and skin care products that cater to the skin integrity of women and their families. 

My admiration for and exposure to the continent of Africa started in May 2015 with a trip to West Africa. Since then I’ve been fortunate to go back to West Africa and touchdown in East Africa. As a result, I believe everyone should have an opportunity to experience the continent of Africa, even if they’re unable to go physically. 

With that, my goal is to connect you, your friends and family to the richness and purity of Africa with Melanin Botanical, one product at a time.

You are, we are deserving of all-natural hair and skin care products that can enrich and maintain the integrity of our skin.

With gratitude,